When Did the First Underwear Appear? A Complete History

When Did the First Underwear Appear? A Complete History

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Have we ever focused on how clothing changed as we progressed from the prehistoric era to the stone age and finally to the modern era?

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The most important element of the entire garment has to be the content covering those specific parts. From nothing at all to leaves and then pieces of cloth on a string we are now wearing underwear. It's safe to say mankind learned its lesson through proper trial and error.

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Underwear is the most essential part of clothing; it keeps respective parts of the body isolated from the rest of the body, which is both hygienically and logically needed. Let’s understand how we evolved from nothing to proper underwear. 

The History of Underwear

Back in the day, people didn’t really cover themselves up. And it might have been through some experience while hunting that those men needed to cover that part alone. With time the material changed from a single leaf to leaves woven into entire skirts. 

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The first recorded use of a loincloth to cover a man’s pack dates back to 5000 B.C. 

As mindsets and society upgraded, it became more essential to cover one’s body. Even in the middle ages, wearing clothes that covered intimate areas was considered a sign of status and luxury. Workers and common men at the bottom of the societal hierarchy who performed harsh labour lacked access to proper clothing. It was loincloths for them and by then people who were superior to them would wear something called braies.

While in the 1600s, men’s briefs were finally invented, there is not much information on whether the same progress was made in women’s wardrobes. The brief in question was approximately 13 inches long and was a shorts-like garment that held the parts in place.

It was around the 1800s that there was prominent proof of drawers existing in women’s wardrobes. These drawers were not ideal, but they were better than nothing. The drawers were like today’s leggings just starting at the waist and tightening around the ankle. 

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It was then, in the mid-19th century, that covering oneself was essential and expected of everyone, regardless of class or status in society. While Varvatos was running the menswear at Calvin Klein in the early 1990s, he created something that changed underwear forever: the boxer brief—a hybrid of boxer shorts and underwear.

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