What Is Moisture Wicking Underwear?

What Is Moisture Wicking Underwear?

Even if you know nothing about moisture wicking, it gives you a faint idea of what it would be in reference to underwear. Let’s understand what it actually means and why it is important and required.

Moisture-wicking underwear simply keeps the confined area dry. In the summer or after some laborious work, our bodies tend to ease off excess heat and cool down through sweat. That sweat though can cause a bad odour and even stain your clothes. The sweat down there can produce more than just stains; the moisture makes you feel uncomfortable and can be a good catalyst for infection and body fungi to grow faster. Thus, it is essential to keep that area as dry as possible.


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If a material is moisture-resistant or wicking, the sweat secreted by your body will be drawn towards the outermost layer instead of being soaked up. From there, the air allows the sweat to evaporate and disappear from your clothes. Moisture can’t evaporate in confined spaces without air and having anything trapped beneath your clothes can be the perfect recipe for B.O.


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Moisture-wicking clothes allow the sweat to evaporate and exit your outfit like a breeze. Not just people who sweat often or gym freaks, all people should necessarily consider moisture-wicking material as it is better for your body. Underwear for Men Online has many differentiating factors, but make sure you choose a moisture-wicking one. 


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Although in various aspects there is still a limited option for women’s underwear India has a long way to go before changing stereotypes. Kearo tries to get the essential factors into our clothing; moisture-wicking is an important one to focus on. Couple Matching Underwear Sets have been a hit and we continue to innovate and research for maximum customer satisfaction.

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