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A wardrobe full of adorable underwear is cool, but maintaining them with a clean and tidy finish is just as important. Maintaining your undergarments must play a significant role if you're willing to maintain your hygiene.

Hence, to keep your intimate hygiene in pink health - here are a few recommendations you can consider:

Natural Fabrics Are Great:

When choosing your underwear, selecting the right material should be top priority. Pieces of cotton used to be the prime choice in the past. Nevertheless, with the growth of fashion technology, people are turning more towards micro-fibre material that gives you ultimate comfort and quick Moisture absorbing power. The extra moisture absorbed into these cloths keep your hygiene and the extra bacterial infections at gulf.

Materials like nylon may look calm but can generate heat and be home to multiple infections. Hence, recheck the material you prefer wearing.

Choose the right size:

There is a direct link between intimate hygiene and the perfect size. Tight underwear can sometimes do more harm than good and can be a home to multiple UTI infections. Let your intimates breathe by choosing the right size!

Change Everyday:

Sweat & Moisture create ideal environments for the growth of bacteria that damage your intimate health. Hence, make sure to change underwear every day or twice in 24 hours. Doing so will keep your intimate area healthy.

How to wash your undergarments?

Washing your undergarments is a tricky task. Make sure to wash your undergarments with utmost care and proper washing liquid. However, washing in a machine or washing with hands can be your preferred choice.

As per NHS, washing undergarments at 60 degrees is recommended to eliminate unwanted germs. Also, ensure to use a proper detergent because harsh ones can cause infections in the long run.

When should you buy new underwear?

No matter how neatly you wash your undergarments, there can be a problem of bacterial growth, even on a washed garment. Hence, it is recommended to change your undergarments at least once in every 3 months for your health.

Conclusion: - Fabric and the proper washing method play a significant role in maintaining your intimate hygiene.  Always consider micro-fibre material with quick moisture-absorbing technology. Wash using gentle washes, change your garments regularly, and you're good to go!

Kearo manufactures stunning underwear for men and women in designs and prints that keep your intimate area in pink health. Also, explore our Couples Underwear Sets, and we assure you will get the most satisfaction!

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