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Understanding Underwear Differently

In the current era of the internet where everything is just too glammed up with filters to woo the customers, even underwear has not been left behind. Instead of choosing comfort, men and women are majorly ashamed of trying what their body loves but flow with the trend to satisfy theirs and society’s ego to stand in the latest convos about adapting fancy & trendy underwear.

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Where toned figures and slim body shapes are chased, it is hard to Imagine a world where underwear can just be underwear. Even brands just focus on portraying sexy models flaunting their filtered bodies with fancy & trendy underwear which are practically not so comfortable for daily wear. To sell a particular range, brands advertise that segment & make customers go chasing that imaginary yet impossible body shape to fit in that underwear.
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While choosing a garment, functionality, comfort and style should never be compromised. Your inner wear should be given the same priority like the outer ones instead a lil more when it comes to comfort. 

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To our surprise, to “fit in” the majority of teenagers are opting for plastic surgery to get ‘comfortable in their own skin’. Validation has been ruling the minds while comfort lays ignored on the back seat.

Kearo rejects the idea of people altering their bodies instead believing in body positivity, embracing all kinds of body shapes. We are in no awe of photoshopped pictures but tend to accept the way we are naturally. 

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As per some reports, body image concerns are a major reason for declining mental health affecting young adults. It has been seen that women face consistent criticism, comparisons and the need to fulfill the demands of high beauty standards, while men are entangled in the web of toxic masculinity.

We aim to desexualize underwear. Self-love has been given much importance these days, starting the journey of self-care with self-love. Embrace your body the way it is. Choose an underwear that fits you, is comfortable and lets you do your daily chores easily. You’re perfect the way you are and for a perfect set of comfy underwear for men & women, choose us as your inner wear mates! We offer a unique range of Women’s Hipster Underwear, women’s Bikini Panties, mens trunk underwear and men Brief underwear.

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