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Types of Underwear Every Adult Must Know About

As an adult, there are various types of underwear you must know about, and pick them depending on your comfort and care. One must know the difference between the varieties of underwear and what makes them unique. Underwears are one of the most versatile and essential garments out there. From different cuts and patterns to different styles and even colors and textures, they are unique in their way. While choosing a pair might seem overwhelming or confusing, the perfect piece can help you define your outfit and give you confidence.


Types of Men's and Women's Underwear That Exists

1. Hipsters Underwear for Women

If you find bikinis too few and boy shorts too much, then hipsters are what you are looking for. The hipster style sits a few inches below your natural waistline and is perfect for those who find thinner waistbands cut into their skin. It is also for someone who wishes to keep their love handles in check, and it gives good coverage to the side belly and lower abdomen, which provides an excellent shape to your skin.

2. Briefs, Boxers or Trunks Underwear For Men

Briefs are the ideal type of underwear that men prefer and it gives support and comfort that makes it a perfect fit to even wear 24*7, because of the moisture-wicking property they are suitable for low to medium intensity workout, the go-to type of underwear. Whereas trunks are a much shorter version of boxer briefs. Trunks are indeed a comfortable fit with their snug style, deep-sided with below the waist fit to the top of the thigh in a boxy design; a traditional trunk has a gorgeous length that can make the thighs and legs look leaner and muscular. In the distinctive, the trunks are built; you don't have to worry about obnoxious bunching or riding up. They are breathable, softer with every wash, and comfortable for any activity. Boxers are the type of underwear that defines comfort for men; they are a loose fit with an elastic waistband. Though it provides no support, it gives more breathability than the other four types of men's underwear. It minimises the uncomfort of denim by giving more space to breathe, and they are like the 'pyjama form' of underwear.

3. Bikini Underwear For Women

Bikinis are underwear that gives just enough coverage, retaining its shape and feature. They are lightweight and convenient to wear all day long. Bikini panties differ from hipster panties in terms of the side cut, coverage, and where they sit. The width of the sides is lesser in a bikini and has lesser fabric when compared to a hipster. The leg opening cut is also slightly higher in bikini panties, so they tend to provide less coverage.


At Kearo, we have a variety of underwear that are perfect for any occasion; if you want something that is too much, something that is too less, something comfortable, or something over the top, we have got it all in exciting colours and patterns, casually taking care your daily comfort.

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