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Trunks vs Briefs

When it comes to underwear, choosing the most suitable can satisfy you with the comfort you seek. However, wearing undies that aren't comfortable is a major distraction. The right underwear can not only be helpful to your daily routine but can also help you with nourishing & clean, intimate hygiene. With so many undie alternatives available, it is crucial to find the immaculate one for you.

Buying a perfect undie might be deceptive. Briefs or Trunks? Confused, right? The pick differs according to your style, as multiple options are available. Take a look at how different these two are:



8 in 10 men prefer briefs, and why not! Briefs are extremely comfortable and can pair perfectly with any clothing - formal attire or a gym one. Now, as you dig in - you can easily find a wide range of briefs that differ according to style and design. Usually, briefs provide complete coverage for the backside, but they don't cover the upper thigh. Hence, briefs are immaculate for keeping everything in place and giving you the solace you demand.



For many, trunks and briefs seem equivalent due to their similar look and style. At the same time, trunks offer a mixture of coverage and support and benefit you with the closest fit. Trunks use less fabric and are short legs. Trunks also create a square appeal ideal for casual and formal sportswear.

Which is the best pick for you? Always prefer comfort over anything.

Every type has its advantages and disadvantages. It entirely depends upon your body type. Choose underwear that is supportive, well-fitted and free from discomfort. Here are a few tips that can assist you with the comfort you demand.


No matter what underwear type you choose - material plays a significant role. Pick a fabric that is comfortable & super-soft. This will keep your bums happy and benefit you with the ease you require. Other synthetic materials may look astonishing, but they can do you more harm than good.

A Perfect Fit:

Undies shouldn't be too loose or tight- the fit must be perfect because a perfect fit will keep you comfortable and cool all day long.

Cleaning Is The Priority:

Heat & moisture is home to the growth of harmful bacteria that damages your intimate health. Hence, no matter what you pick - keeping it clean and tidy should be what you always remember, with comfort as the priority - OF COURSE!

Final words: What to pick?

Briefs or Trunks - we suggest MIX IT UP! Why stick to one style when you can experiment and try multiple? Every fit blends differently with diverse outfits. Kearo has a variety (Trunks for Men, Briefs for men) of astonishing ranges to choose from. Pick your comfort and keep it clean on the go for that extra comfort and hygiene.

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