Positive Body Image: A Celebration of Self-Acceptance

Positive Body Image: A Celebration of Self-Acceptance

Body positivity is a movement to accept bodies of all sizes and types, rather than those that are just inclined towards societal ideals and unrealistic standards of beauty. It propagates acceptance and aims to change people's behaviour and perspective towards certain products and services and encourages celebrating exactly who you are today, thereby instilling self-love and positivity in each of us.

Acceptance, however simple it may appear, is a complex task that affects one's mental and physical health as well as their social status.

Adopting body neutrality

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Body neutrality ends the cycle of self-doubt and the loop between hating and loving. It is accepting what you look like and realising that you are more than a body, and your appearance isn’t a metric that can define you. It fosters a strong indifference to societally created female insecurities. This is gradually leading businesses to take a more practical approach to marketing products rather than simply body-shaming and challenging audiences to measure themselves against beauty standards.

Not only females; the bubble includes men too!

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Have you ever considered your own definition of desirable and the qualities that truly matter rather than adhering to the rat race of standards set by brands and the media that actually throttle your mental and physical health by instilling comparisons that take you away from who you are? Are you obsessed with products that help you attract your outer beauty, or are you unhappy with your own body? Yes, men also undergo all these, but they never pause and think before ending up in the cycle of self-hatred and doubt. Men are trapped by the standards of masculinity set by society, with most still unable to accept physical weakness or discuss their appearance, which often leads to substance abuse and even suicide. The inclusion of men in the body positive conversation could serve as a catalyst for our overall approach to masculinity.

Accepting things at your own pace

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Be you and accept the way you are. Embrace body positivity. Treat yourself with affection, tolerance, and tenderness. Take your time and accept that your body is beautiful when you feel healthy and lively in whatever shape and size; it doesn’t define you.
Understand that the journey to self-security takes time and has no deadline or standard to follow.

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