Panty Styles for Different Body Types

Panty Styles for Different Body Types

Find the Perfect Panty Style for Your Body Type with Kearo

Just as selecting the right bra is essential for accentuating your bust, choosing the right panty style to suit your body type is crucial for enhancing your curves. Making the wrong choice can lead to discomfort and an unflattering look. Understanding your butt shape can help you determine the ideal rise, leg opening, and coverage level for your underwear. Let's dive into the different butt shapes and find out which Kearo panty style flatters your body type best.

Panty Styles for Different Butt Types

1. Underwear Style for A-SHAPED Butts

Wondering if you have A-shaped bums? If you have fuller thighs and wider hips, you likely fall into this category. Women with pear-shaped bodies typically have A-shaped bums. Because you have wider thighs, you need panties with larger leg openings. Bikinis and thongs are ideal options for you. Always opt for stretchable fabric to ensure a smoother fit. Kearo offers a variety of such styles to provide comfort and accentuate your curves beautifully.

2. Underwear Style for V-SHAPED Butts

If your bum is fullest and roundest at the top near the widest point of your hips, then you probably have a V-shaped booty. The base of your bum has less volume, resulting in an angular shape. For this body shape, boyshorts and hipsters work best. They provide the right coverage and enhance your natural shape. Kearo's collection includes perfect hipsters that will suit your V-shaped butt perfectly.

3. Underwear Style for SQUARE-SHAPED Butts

Square-shaped butts have hips that are the same width as the body, often associated with athletic body types with little to no curves. To create a fuller illusion around your butt, boyshorts with medium coverage are the way to go. Bikinis with higher leg cuts can also give your body a more hourglass appearance. Check out Kearo’s selection to find the perfect pair that will give you the desired look.

4. Underwear Style for ROUND-SHAPED Butts

If you have round-shaped butts, you have the advantage of being able to play with many styles. Fuller butts look good in almost any style, making it easier to achieve an hourglass shape. However, for a truly flattering silhouette, investing in high-quality Bikinis is key. Kearo offers a range of bikinis designed to enhance your natural curves and provide a stunning look.

5. Underwear Style for HEART-SHAPED Butts

Heart-shaped butts, also known as peach-booty, are wider at the bottom and sleeker at the top. For this shape, bikinis and thongs without elastic along the edges are ideal to avoid creating a bulge on your booty.

Celebrate Your Body with Kearo

Every body type is beautiful, and at Kearo, we celebrate all shapes and sizes. Our products are designed to accentuate your beauty and make you feel more confident about your body. Explore Kearo’s collection today and find the perfect panty style that flatters your unique shape. Whether you have an A-shaped, V-shaped, square-shaped, round-shaped, or heart-shaped butt, Kearo has the perfect underwear for you.

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