Embarrassing Underwear Questions Men Don’t Ask But Should Ask!

Embarrassing Underwear Questions Men Don’t Ask But Should Ask!

Whether it is bras for women or underwear for men, the topic is often avoided or avoided with scepticism. Men, do you feel a bit embarrassed even when you go to buy underwear? Are there questions running through your head that you just can't ask openly?

This is your answer book to all those questions when you Buy Underwear for Men. Most of the answers will be neutral for most normal men, but these are always subjective.

How many pairs of underwear should I own?

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Considering you do weekly laundry and change your underwear at least once a day or the recommended twice a day. There shall be underwear between 7 and 14 as per your schedule and body needs in your wardrobe.

Will the underwear cause a Visible Underwear Line?

While wearing formal or fitted bottoms, the shape of the underwear can be a major offset of the outfit. While your regular cotton or linen underwear with double lining may cause visible lines a bit thinner material and smooth edges can be your answer.

Is this underwear sport or sweaty activity friendly?

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While it is recommended to change your underwear after a sweaty activity, there are some key points to remember during the activity. Make sure the underwear does not ride up or give you an unwanted wedgie of some sort.

Is the whitening or yellowing of my underwear in the groin area common?

Yes, fading of the colour or yellowing is normal for most men and can be due to many reasons. If no pain is experienced, the fading can be caused by the ph variance in the residue from your body reacting with the fabric.

Underwear for Men

Usually Couple Matching Underwear Sets are made keeping in mind both bodies. So try those with your partner for a new adventure. When it comes to Womens underwear India has the variety and sort of comfort too. Kearo brings you both trendy options and comfort.

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